Terms and Conditions

NHN JAPAN Corp. (hereafter “the company”) when selling reservation tickets (hereafter “web tickets”) for COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN (hereafter “the museum”)
will operate by the Terms of Use (hereafter “these terms”) detailed below.
Please agree to these terms before purchasing your web ticket(s).

About Web Tickets

In order for us to be able to provide a comfortable viewing experience for all visitors, each tour is limited to 20 people.
Make sure you purchase your web ticket(s) well in advance of the day you wish to visit.

Purchasing Web Tickets

Purchase web tickets through Make Reservation.
You will be able to see your purchase history in My Reservations after you purchase your web ticket(s).

Maximum Number of Tickets Purchasable

There is a limit to the number of tickets you can buy in one transaction.
See Make Reservation for more details.

Prices and Payment Methods

See VISIT US for web ticket prices. Prices include tax.
Please be aware that web ticket prices may change without prior warning.

If paying by credit card or Pay Pal, payment will be processed at the time of purchase. The billing date will vary depending on your credit card provider.
See Make Reservation for more details.

Entering the Museum With a Web Ticket

We ask that you arrive at the museum with a cell phone, smartphone, etc. capable of displaying the QR code sent to you upon reservation, or a physical printout of the QR code.

* QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

  1. You cannot make any changes to your web ticket(s) after purchase.
    If you wish to make a change, we ask that you cancel your current reservation and make another reservation with the updated information.
  2. Canceling a purchased web ticket will result in the following cancellation fees, starting the day before your reservation.
    • The day before your reservation: 50% of your web ticket fee
    • The day of your reservation: 100% of your web ticket fee
    • No-show: 100% of your web ticket fee
  3. We will provide full refunds of web ticket fees if the museum closes temporarily due to an emergency (museum circumstances, natural disaster, etc.).
    See Ticket Guide for more details on changes, cancellations, and refunds.

About Your Personal Information

  1. The company uses the information you provide when purchasing your web ticket(s), including your name, address, phone number, credit card number, etc. (hereafter “personal information”) for the following purposes. The company handles the personal information of customers according to the Privacy Policy that we have established separately.
    1. The selling of web tickets, the payment process, and sending emails related to these processes, etc.
    2. Verifying the identities of customers who use web tickets to enter the museum
    3. Responding to messages asking about web tickets, the museum, etc.
    4. The creation and disclosure of statistical data, as well as marketing analyses that utilize this data
  2. The company may entrust part or all of the handling of personal information, within the parameters of the purposes defined above, to an external contractor. The company maintains a management structure that makes sure such contractor(s) handle the information appropriately, evaluating them rigorously for competence and binding them to non-disclosure in the contract.


  1. You cannot purchase web tickets on the day of your visit.
  2. Web ticket(s) will be invalid after the date/time printed on them.
  3. The company forbids the reservation/purchase of web tickets for commercial purposes (resale, etc.). The company is not in any way responsible for any troubles that arise when customers purchase web tickets from resale websites, auctions, etc.
  4. Please be aware that the works displayed in the museum on the day of your visit may change without prior warning. Web ticket fees will not be refunded in these cases.
  5. Please understand that the company may alter these terms without prior warning to the customer.

Enacted October 11th, 2017


Hyunsik Ahn