Information Security Policy

As a company that runs an Internet business, NHN Japan Corp. (hereafter “the company”) will take active measures for information security and secure our information assets, not only to gain the trust of our customers and clients, but also to raise the quality of our services and ensure the continuation of our business.

Information to Be Protected

Information to be protected are personal information and specified personal information (personal information including individual numbers), as well as information assets collected from customers/clients, and all information assets necessary for the continuation of the company's business. We will also periodically examine and keep a grasp on the company's information assets, and will evaluate them according to the company's established risk standards.

Methods of Protecting Information Assets

In order to keep the company's information assets secure, we will establish and implement the necessary rules, such as measures to protect from threats like external attacks, the safe storage and secure disposal of documents/data, the appropriate management of information access privileges, a clear desk and clear screen policy, etc. The rules established will be evaluated periodically so that they may be continuously improved.

Awareness of the Importance of Information Assets

We will hold periodic information security programs where we will educate each and every one of our employees as to the importance of keeping the company's information assets secure. We will also uphold as our information security goal for the entire company, "zero incidents related to the handling of information," and will work actively towards this goal.

Information Security Committee

In order to better secure the company's information assets, we will establish an information security committee made up of representatives from each division. The committee will be responsible for communicating the importance of information security to the entire company, and will lead measures for better security.

Information Security Audits

We will conduct audits for information security at least once a year, to continuously improve our security measures.

Laws, Regulations, and Other Standards Related to Information Security

We will strictly follow all laws, regulations, and guidelines related to information security, and will fulfill our responsibility to society by ensuring that we always have the latest information.

Enacted: April 1, 2013

Revised: October 1, 2015

Revised: June 1, 2017


Representative Director

Hyunsik Ahn