Museum Visits
When is the museum closed?
Every other Monday. See the calendar on our website for details.
Is there a pass that will allow me to make multiple visits?
No, we do not offer any such pass.
Can I make a reservation for the same day?
Yes, if there are openings.
How long will the visit be?
You will be shown around the museum on a tour, which is approximately one hour long.
What are your hours?
Museum hours are 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (tours are from 9:40 AM – 4:00 PM).
Is there a discount for those with disability passbooks?
There is no discount for those with disability passbooks.
Do you have a parking lot for cars and/or bicycles?
No. Please use a nearby parking lot.
How should I get to the museum?
See the “Admissions Guide” on our website for details.https://camy.oita.jp/visitus/
Do you rent out wheelchairs and/or strollers?
No, we do not offer rentals of wheelchairs and strollers.
Do you have a multi-purpose bathroom?
Yes, there is one multi-purpose bathroom on the 2nd floor.
Is there a smoking area?
The museum has a no-smoking policy.
Do you have coin lockers and/or a coat check?
Yes, we have deposit-style lockers (100 yen deposit that is returned to you after you pick up your belongings).
Is there a place to buy souvenirs?
Unfortunately, we do not have a museum store.
Is there a café in the museum?
There is no café in the museum.
Are there vending machines in the museum?
No, we do not have vending machines. There are vending machines in a park about a minute’s walk away.