NHN JAPAN built the COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN in order to present cultural arts of the highest standard, and bring about further contributions to society through this endeavor.
comico is one of the businesses that comprise the core of NHN JAPAN, a company that prides itself on its love of culture and art, and is an all-around entertainment platform that provides web comics, manga, novels, and movies. At comico, our goal is for people to share their enjoyment of the myriad of services we provide. Therefore, COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN aims to create a communication platform for artists, and to share high-quality art with as many people as possible.
COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN is also located in a landscape so beautiful that even stepping outside and experiencing the time and the feel of the space around you is enjoyable. We hope that this museum provides you with a respite from the city, and that its harmony of nature and culture allows for healing and revelation, refreshing the body and soul.
Like Yufuin, which is filled with originality despite the town being small and quiet, we hope that COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN, while delivering distinguished, high-quality art reservedly and unobtrusively, becomes something that gives tremendous life to many people's cultural lives.

Visual Identity of the Museum

Kenya Hara, who was in charge of the logo for COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN, designed it to be simple and modern so that it would bring out the uniqueness of the building—its Japanese construction materials and minimalistic space—so that visitors could engage naturally with the materials used to construct them. The symbolic square of the logo is a very humanistic shape, as the shape itself was created by humans. The signage at the entrance to the museum is made of immaculate stainless steel, with its pared-down, minimalistic design expressing its fusion with modern art.


Design of Logo & Signage


Kenya Hara

Born in 1958. Designer. Emphasizes the design of both objects and experiences. The Nippon Design Center Inc. Professor at Musashino Art University. He is of the viewpoint that design is a universal wisdom that is accumulated in society, and has planned and implemented a variety of design projects based upon the concept of communication. He is active in a variety of areas, from serving as art director for MUJI to being involved in Daikanyama Tsutaya Books VI, and hosting the "HOUSE VISION" exhibitions. Several books authored by Hara, including Designing Design (Iwanami Shoten, Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities) and White (Chuo-koron Shinsha), have been translated into a number of languages.