About the Experience

You will be able to view the works on display through an hour-long guided tour.

A trained staff member will guide you through the museum, providing commentary on the works and on the museum itself.

The tour will begin at the entrance lobby, where the guide will discuss the architecture of the museum, then move into the exhibition area.

There are two exhibitions areas -- GALLERY I and GALLERY II. The guide will provide occasional commentary while viewing the works, so we encourage those who have never been to an art museum to come visit us as well.

Deepen your understanding of the works by asking the guide any questions you might have.

After the exhibition areas, the tour will move into the lounge on the 2nd floor.

*Please note that the tour and the commentary will only be in Japanese.

The museum prides itself not only on its displays of renowned art by Japanese artists, but also on its magnificent view of Yufuin. The tour is structured so you can enjoy both.
We would love for you to come and savor the artwork and the beautiful landscapes of Yufuin.

Rules and Guidelines

As we strive to provide a comfortable, fine viewing experience for all visitors, we seek your understanding to refrain from the following activities in order to maintain the atmosphere of the museum and to protect the works on display.

  • Smoking within the facility grounds
  • Touching the works on display
  • Filming and photography with your smartphones, cameras or video cameras in the exhibition rooms
  • Using your cell phone or any device that emits sound
  • Writing with ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, fountain pens etc. (pencil is permitted)

* We also ask that you listen to and follow the staff’s directions even for matters not explicitly stated above.

At times, the entrance lobby may become crowded with visitors who are entering and leaving.
In such cases, we ask that you follow the staff’s directions (where to move, etc.) to keep the tours moving smoothly.